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Our valued speakers of IPTV Seminar 2014:

Menno Bangma

Menno Bangma is a senior consultant and researcher at TNO. He is working in the field of TV and media distribution for large operators, broadcasters, regulatory bodies and related branch organizations. He has been involved in the standardization and commercial realization of MMS, Mobile TV, CI-plus and has experience in the field of managed and unmanaged multimedia content delivery via IPTV, Cable networks, Mobile networks; Content Delivery Networks, DRM and CA technologies; Internet Streaming and P2P technologies; copyright, private copy levy, net-neutrality and media regulation. Menno has a solid technical background, extended this with a degree in Marketing, has filed several patents and has a couple of years of project experience in the field of policy development.

Laurent LE BOURHIS is Head of Pre-Sales at Wiztivi, a Multiscreen TV Solutions provider. Throughout his career, he has worked in various environments from university research labs to large worldwide companies, ranging from the design of microprocessors to the successful launch of commercial mobile TV services. Pragmatic and result-oriented, he has been working on cutting-edge technologies for more than 15 years. His technical expertise include VOD and TV services for mobile and fixed networks, IPTV, Internet and Broadcast multiscreen services, Content Management Systems, rich media and interactivity solutions for mobile devices.

Claudia Becker

Since 2013, Claudia Becker has been leading a research project within Orange which aims at anticipating technological advances and disruptions for audiovisual services. The scope of her project extends from automatic audiovisual content analysis for metadata generation to cost-effective service architecture and content delivery improvement. She was previously in charge of coordinating Orange standardization activities regarding content services, where she was particularly active in contributing to the Open IPTV Forum specification. Claudia Becker is member of the Orange Expert Community on “Solutions for Content Services”.

Mikael Dahlgren

Mikael Dahlgren, CEO at Agama Technologies
With a background in large multi-utility companies, Mikael founded a consulting company in 2000 specializing in digital TV distribution, initially primarily IPTV. Based on the experiences from working with the very earliest IPTV deployments in the Nordic region, showing a widespread need for business process supporting and service focused end-to-end video quality assurance solutions, Mikael co-founded Agama Technologies in 2004 and joined as CEO.

Under Mikael’s lead, Agama has pioneered in areas such as service monitoring understanding both TV and packet oriented distribution, and true end-to-end monitoring approaches. Agama today holds a leading position in providing expertise and service quality monitoring, assurance and analytics solutions to a wide range of operators worldwide, for ensuring optimal service quality, reaching higher operational efficiency and getting better customer understanding. Mikael holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering from Linköping University, Sweden.

Richard Dowling

Richard Dowling is VP Product Services at ThinkAnalytics
A 14 year veteran at ThinkAnalytics, Richard works with industry majors advising on personalising the viewing experience with the use of recommendations. These are delivered on multiple screens including STB, web, tablet, mobile device and contact centre.
Mr Dowling heads up a team of software consultants specialising in developing and deploying data mining based analytical solutions with a strong focus on media content recommendations. Richard’s wide and varied role encompasses many aspects from business development and technical pre-sales, through customer deployments, implementation and training.
He regularly speaks at industry events including IBC and TV Connect.Prior to ThinkAnalytics Richard worked in numerous roles including telecommunications network analysis with ADC Metica.

Ingrid Van Engelshoven

Deputy Mayor Ingrid van Engelshoven is The Hague’s alderman for the Knowledge Economy, International Affairs, Youth and Education as well as the Haagse Hout and Loosduinen districts.

In 1989 Ingrid became a D66 staff member in the Lower House of Parliament (Tweede Kamer) and served as secretary to party leader Thom de Graaf until 1996.
She has worked as a consultant in public administration, as head of two strategy sections at the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management from 2000 to 2004 and as the director of Stichting Verantwoord Alcoholgebruik (STIVA) from 2004 to 2009.
Following her work as deputy chairman of the D66 from 2000 to 2003, Ingrid has been the chairman of the national party since 2007. Since 2009 she has been a partner at the consultancy Dröge & Van Drimmelen and has served as the acting director of the Centrum voor Merk en Communicatie (CMC) in Amsterdam.

Dr. Oliver Friedrich holds a M.Sc. (Dipl.-Ing.) in Computer Engineering and PhD (Dr.-Ing.) from Technische Universität Berlin. From 2006 to 2010 Oliver worked at the Competence Center Future Applications and Media at Fraunhofer FOKUS. He was leading Fraunhofer FOKUS activities on IPTV. From April to late 2010 Oliver worked in Singapore for the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) as overall project manager and ambassador, leading an industry consortium of ten member companies and acting as contact point towards the Singaporean government. In October 2010 Oliver joined DT group and finally beginning from October 2012, Telekom Innovation Laboratories, helping to shape the future of Deutsche Telekom’s media business.


Daniel Glauser

Daniel Glauser is responsible for value added services and STB-less in Swisscom TV 2.0. Coming from a Strategy&Innovation background, where he worked on next generation TV approaches, he decided to join the team that built Swisscom TV 2.0 right from the beginning.

Matt Hall

Matt Hall is Business Development Director at Genius Digital

Jeroen Jansen

Jeroen Jansen, Business Development Smart TV at TP Vision / Philips TV

Jeroen Jansen recently joined the Business Development Smart TV team at TP Vision / Philips TV. Jeroen is responsible for the Philips’ Smart TV offering in the Nordics and the U.K. and also for setting up new business with Operators in Europe and LatAm. Specifically exploring “Operator as an App” and VSTB opportunities. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of content distribution and partner management, working in various commercial roles for KPN Mobile, KPN TV and UPC the Netherlands. At UPC he was responsible for the Video On Demand content line-up, budget and marketing.

Ferry Kesselaar

Ferry Kesselaar, Manager Technology at NOS, Dutch Broadcast Foundation.
Ferry has over 32 years of experience in radio, television and media production. In 1995 he was involved in setting up the first server-based TV station, TMF. Ferry started out as an audio engineer, and worked in a commercial role on many complex technical projects, including the start of SBS, FOX Kids, World Championships Cycling in Colombia, and the Commonwealth Games in Malaysia. In 2000, he joined the NOS (Netherlands Broadcasting Foundation) as Manager Technology and ICT. He was responsible for the two “CYBERNOS” projects. In the recent CYBERNOS 2.0 project, the NOS developed its own ICT-based editorial system, comprising a fully integrated cross media production process that serves content for TV, Radio, Internet (websites and apps) and Teletext, and replacing its traditional CMS system. Ferry was also responsible for the change management process and education for the system’s 600+ users, as well as for the technical migration. Ferry is a member of the IABM awards jury and a member of the AVID Customer Association’s Strategy Team.

Rob Koenen is a Senior Business Consultant for TNO, a leading research organisation in the Netherlands. Mr. Koenen’s activities include the development of multimedia technologies, systems and standards, and their application in novel services. Mr. Koenen received his MSEE (‘ingenieur’) degree in 1989 from Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands where he studied electrical engineering, specializing in information theory.

Prior to joining TNO, Mr. Koenen served as Intertrust Technologies’ Vice President of Standards and Community Initiatives. Mr. Koenen has held many leading roles in multimedia standardization initiatives. He chaired MPEG’s Requirements Group from 1996 to 2005, and played a key role in the development of the MPEG-4 standard. He is co-editor of the MPEG-4 Systems Standard, initiated the MPEG Industry Forum in 1999, and served as its President for the first five years, successfully working to bring MPEG-4 technology from a paper specification to a dominant market force. Working on interoperable Digital Rights Management technology, Rob served as Officer of the Marlin Developer Community and the Marlin Trust Management Organization from 2007 to 2011. Currently, Mr. Koenen is a Director on the Board of the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF), and he has chairs OIPF’s Requirements Group. Mr. Koenen is a Senior Member of IEEE, holds two patents on automated video quality assessment and is the recipient of the 1997 KPN Research ‘Diana’ award for outstanding research.

Cees van Koppen

Cees van Koppen, Policy Advisor at Ministry of Education, Culture & Science (Department of Media and Creative Industries)

Jacob Zentio Larsen

Jacob Zentio Larsen is Vice President, TV Product Management & Technology at TDC Group. Jacob is responsible for all TV products and technology in support of TDC’s three TV brands – YouSee, TDC and Fullrate. The supporting technology includes IPTV (Mediaroom) and cable TV (DVB-C). Jacob is also runs all OTT services and apps that cover TV, movie and music streaming. Jacob is running the product introduction of Blockbuster – the Group’s largest greenfield innovation. TDC’s TV business accounts for 18% of Group revenue and is the largest source of growth in terms of top- and bottom-line.


Petr Peterka

Petr Peterka, CTO at Verimatrix, joined Verimatrix in 2010 from a role as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff in the CTO’s office at Motorola’s Home and Networks Mobility Team. His background includes an extensive familiarity with CA/DRM systems, including work on platforms combining IPTV, DVB-H, iPhone and Android. He has been active with standards organizations including DECE, DLNA CPS, ATIS, SMPTE, Coral, DVB, ITU-T and others, and has worked with Hollywood studios, CableLabs, and the MPAA on content security topics. He previously worked with NextLevel Systems and General Instrument. Petr holds Master’s degrees from both UCSD and the Czech Technical University. He holds 7 issued US patents and has over 25 additional filed patent applications.

Vassilis Seferidis is CEO and Founder of TEO (UK) Ltd an innovative start-up company developing “virtual-STB” Smart TV Apps for Operators, Telcos and Service Providers. Before founding TEO, Vassilis was Director of Business Development for Samsung Electronics responsible for driving revenue growth and strategic development of Samsung’s Consumer Electronics business in Europe. Vassilis has more than 20 years’ experience in the Telecommunications and Consumer Electronics industry mainly in Strategic Business Planning and Product Management roles. Prior to Samsung, he held senior management positions at Toshiba Information Systems, Philips Electronics, British Standards Institute and British Telecom. In 2011 Vassilis has been included in the Euro50 list of the 50 most influential people in the broadband and pay-TV industries in Europe.

Anders Svensson, CTO

Anders Svensson, CTO at Agama Technologies
Anders has more than 20 years of experience from technology development and 10+ years from the broadcasting sector. After a few years as a consultant at Erda Utvecklingsteknik, today a part of Teleca, Anders co-founded a consulting firm in 2000, specializing in digital TV distribution. Based on the experiences in the early IPTV deployments, showing high operating expenses and a widespread need for business supporting and service focused quality assurance solutions, Anders co-founded Agama Technologies in 2004 and joined as CTO. Agama today holds a leading position in providing expertise and scalable and full-coverage service quality monitoring, assurance and analytics solutions to a wide range of digital TV operators worldwide. Anders holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering from Linköping University, Sweden.

Alexander Sus

Alexander Sus Dipl. Ing. (MSc) degreed at university of applied science in Sankt Pölten lower austria. During studying he attended some research projects and presented the result of one project with key aspect live streaming at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas. He has one year experience in the live broadcast area while operating for Riedel Communications as radio technician and
doing the along project organization for the particular projects. Beside together with his university he did the video production management for the American Football World Cup in Austria. Since 2013 he is working for Siemens Convergence Creators in the area of Over the top TV (OTT). At Siemens he is technical supervisor for exhibitions, demos and prototyping for prospective OTT features. Since his affinity to design and his study-key-aspect postproduction his master thesis treated of motion graphics especially On Air Design for Television. His competence fields reaches from project organization to engineering to design.

Egon Verharen

Egon Verharen is manager R&D at Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (Netherlands Public Broadcasting) overseeing projects on new broadcast- and distribution technologies and the development of new media services. He co-led the introduction of HDTV broadcasting at NPO. And he directs the audio- and video streaming platform for live and ondemand services, including Uitzending Gemist, Netherlands’ most popular catchupTV service available on web, digital cable, IPTV, mobile and connected-TV. Egon advises the Board of NPO and the Director of Distribution and Broadcast on technical issues. Before joining NPO Egon was innovation manager at the Dutch higher education and research network, and an assistent professor at Tilburg University. Egon received his MSc (computer science) at University of Twente and his PhD at Tilburg University. He is the chair of the EBU Technical Committee since june 2014 and a regular speaker at conferences, workshops and seminars on broadcast and broadband technology.

Jérome Viéron

Jérôme Viéron is Advanced Research Manager at ATEME. Jérôme Viéron received the Ph.D. degree in computer science from Rennes 1 university in 1999. He joined Thomson R&D France as Research Engineer working on Advanced Video Coding. He is an active contributor to standardization efforts led by ISO and ITU-T groups. He was very active to the H264/MPEG-4 SVC standardization process. In 2007, he joined the Video Processing and Perception Lab of Technicolor R&I as Senior Scientist and explore new technologies for future video coding applications and Standards. He joined ATEME in 2011, as Advanced Research Manager. He is in charge of French and European collaborative R&D projects and works on new generation video coding technologies. He is an active contributor to the standardization process of HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) and is implied in the 4EVER (for Enhanced Video ExpeRience) consortium which aims at researching, developing and promoting an enhanced Television Experience, using HEVC as well as Ultra-HD.

Bingyu Xiang

Bingyu Xiang is Director of Product Development at SMiT. He has ten years working experience in SMiT, mainly for CI/CI+ module design. Full coverage of knowledge on CAM technology, including bootloader, low level driver, CA integration, CI/CI+ stack, OTA, and other applications on CAM.

Bingyu Xiang

Jacob Zwagemaker, CCO, 24i

Jacob is the CCO of Amsterdam based developer 24i. 24i creates TV apps from the first concept to deployment and maintenance, for any screen: Smart TV’s, set-top boxes, game consoles, tablets and mobiles. The company operates worldwide with offices in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles.

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