Speakers IPTV Seminar 2013

Our valued speakers of IPTV Seminar 2013:

Menno Bangma is a senior consultant and researcher at TNO. He is working in the field of TV and media distribution for large operators, broadcasters, regulatory bodies and related branch organizations. He has been involved in the standardization and commercial realization of MMS, Mobile TV, CI-plus and has experience in the field of managed and unmanaged multimedia content delivery via IPTV, Cable networks, Mobile networks; Content Delivery Networks, DRM and CA technologies; Internet Streaming and P2P technologies; copyright, private copy levy, net-neutrality and media regulation. Menno has a solid technical background, extended this with a degree in Marketing, has filed several patents and has a couple of years of project experience in the field of policy development.


Keith Chow is a veteran IP and Video Professional – currently based with Alcatel-Lucent, working as a PLM in IP Video, IP Routing & Transport. Keith has significant Global experience (20 years +) working with multinational companies (Alcatel-Lucent, Pace, Invensys & Olivetti) in areas of Telecommunication, Digital Video, Network entertainment and Engineering. This includes (among other expertise) IP & TV, IP network and Telecommunication; Carrier grade Network and Video Product Development & Delivery.


Jérémy Desmauts is in charge of product management on quality of experience, analytics and nanoCDN technology at Broadpeak. Before joining the marketing team, he used to work for R&D on video and content delivery network for 6 years. Jeremy is involved in patent on nanoCDN technology and holds a Master degree in Computer Science from the University of Rennes, France


Nick Fielibert, CTO Video Technology, SP Europe Cisco

The sense and non-sense about the STB and what’s next: Set-top boxes, do they have a future? There is no clear answer yet to this question. One thing however is certain: the form and capabilities of a “STB” will change. The key question for an Service Provider will be: “how much control do I want to have over the user experience?


Dr. Oliver Friedrich holds a M.Sc. (Dipl.-Ing.) in Computer Engineering and PhD (Dr.-Ing.) from Technische Universität Berlin. From 2006 to 2010 Oliver worked at the Competence Center Future Applications and Media at Fraunhofer FOKUS. He was leading Fraunhofer FOKUS activities on IPTV. From April to late 2010 Oliver worked in Singapore for the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) as overall project manager and ambassador, leading an industry consortium of ten member companies and acting as contact point towards the Singaporean government. In October 2010 Oliver joined DT group and finally beginning from October 2012, Telekom Innovation Laboratories, helping to shape the future of Deutsche Telekom’s media business.


Erik Gazzoni is currently in charge of managing the Product Strategy and Innovation on CAM portfolio. He joined SmarDTV in 2006 from its inception. Previously he was Director of Marketing Digital TV for SCM Microsystems. He received his Master of Computer Sciences and Electronics from French Higher School of Engineering (Ecole Centrale Marseille).


Randell Hand is a veteran of video industry, having helped companies design and deliver video processing, networking, and control systems. Currently, Randell serves within RGB networks to architect innovative hardware, software, and cloud solutions to video operators across the globe.



Tony Henderson is responsible for leading Microsoft’s PlayReady DRM technology business in Europe. Tony helps PlayReady partners develop cross platform, next generation entertainment experiences for leading smartphones, tablets and in-home devices. Prior to Microsoft Tony ran a leadership network for CEOs and held senior commercial roles with the BBC and the music industry. Tony is a graduate of Edinburgh University and a co-founder of the Oxford Technology Media and Finance Network. In his spare time Tony writes books and runs ultra-marathons and has recently completed a 133km run along the length of Hadrian’s Wall.



Andy Hickman: After working at Philips Research Laboratories on MHP and TV-Anytime, Andy joined Cabot Communications as a PM delivering a number of digital TV receiver platforms. Andy then joined Tektronix, heading up their video test development team in Bristol. At Digital TV Labs he leads the R&D team responsible for delivering new testing products, which include the official CI+ Test Tool, Ligada HbbTV test harness, and the HbbTV 1.5, TNT2, TDT Hibrida and OIPF receiver test suites. Andy is a member of the HbbTV Association Steering Group, Member of the IET, a Chartered Engineer and holds a first class honours degree in electrical engineering from Cambridge University

Martijn van Horssen, Partner/CEO, 24i

As Director of Pre-Sales Engineering at Edgeware, James Kirby is in charge of the pre-sales solutions team, architecting industry leading CDN and IPTV deployment solutions for leading operators around the world. James has extensive experience from the video delivery industry. Prior to joining Edgeware, he held senior technical consulting and pre-sales engineering positions with companies like Juniper Networks, Verivue, Inc.Harmonic, Entone Technologies Inc., and Hewlett-Packard Ltd. James holds a BSc in Physics from the University of Bath.

Rob Koenen is a Director on the Board of the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF), and he has chairs OIPF’s Requirements Group. Mr. Koenen is a Senior Member of IEEE, holds two patents on automated video quality assessment and is the recipient of the 1997 KPN Research ‘Diana’ award for outstanding research.


Nilo Mitra is currently Engineering Director – Systems at Ericsson, Inc., and coordinates Ericsson’s standardization activities in the area of IPTV. He has been working on IPTV standardization for the past seven years, in particular with the establishment of the Open IPTV Forum, where he currently serves as President and the chairman of its Board of Directors. Previously he was chairman of the Forum’s Architecture and Solutions Working Groups, which produced two releases of the IPTV Solution specifications during his tenure.


Since 2009, Erwan has been involved as a technical leader within Orange, in adapting OTT TV services on CE devices like SmartTV, game consoles and Blu-ray players. He has more than 13 years of experience on home devices (residential gateway, STB, SmartTV, game consoles, Blu-Ray players), and TV services (both OTT and IPTV). He has also been involved in standardization bodies (UPnP, DLNA, OSGi). He was the co-editor of the UPnP IGD v2 specifications.


Murali Nomali leads ActiveVideo’s marketing and product management efforts for the flagship CloudTV platform. His focus is on raising awareness of how Cloud UIs are solving device and experience fragmentation. Murali previously led the service provider video and mobility solutions marketing groups for Cisco Systems, where he was instrumental in defining, shaping and launching Cisco’s Videoscape product line as well as in spearheading the push into small cells and indoor location technology for wireless/wireline operators. Prior to Cisco, Murali led Alcatel’s global IP Video marketing program– seeding the market and helping establish Alcatel as a technology and revenue leader.



Colin Phillips has been involved in most aspects of digital TV since its inception in the late 1980s, from compression encoding, encryption & back-office through cable, satellite and IP delivery networks to customer premise equipment, in roles with both operators and technology providers, providing a uniquely holistic perspective. He worked in Japan with the NHK team that developed HD and now UHDTV, brought cable VOD to market in China, UK & Eastern Europe and recently has designed BT’s YouView hybrid DTT & IP service in the UK. His interests focus on disruptive technologies and their application to grow new media business.


Jon Piesing is the vice-chair of HbbTV. He played a major role facilitating the convergence of the original French and German initiatives which together become HbbTV. Jon has been a leading figure in the development of specifications for integration of TV and interactivity for more than ten years. This has included being the chairman of groups in DVB, the Open IPTV Forum and the UK DTG. Jon is now Director, Standardisation for TP Vision (who manufacture Philips TVs for Europe an d a number of other territories). He has previously held senior positions related to standardisation in several different units of Philips.

Kalev Reiljan will share the reasons for Elion/TeliaSonera to move into STB-less era and the experience of being the first to take such move in telecom world. An Estonian native, born in Tallinn. Started career at an age of 15 as a programmer. Last 5 years as a CTO of Elion, a subsidiary telecom operator of TeliaSonera in Estonia. Prior to that 8 years in Nokia Networks and NSN. 7 years expat experience, out of which 6 years in Russia. Graduated IMD MBA in 2011, before that Master of Economics degree from Tallinn Technical University.


Dr Peter Siebert received his M.Sc. degree in 1984 and his Ph.D. degree in 1989 in physics from the University in Frankfurt, Germany. In addition he holds a degree in economics from the Open University in Hagen, Germany. Since May 2009 he is the Executive Director of the DVB Project Office in Geneva, where he is responsible for all operational aspects of the DVB organization. Before this he has been working for Philips Kommunikations AG (PKI AG) in Nürnberg/Germany, SES-ASTRA in Luxembourg and Siemens Schweiz AG in Zürich/Switzerland. In his professional carrier he has been working on all aspects of audio-video transmission such as video transmission over telecommunication networks (PDH/SDH), satellite and IPTV networks. He has been responsible for various ETSI specifications in the area of satellite transmission as well as for DVB standards. He holds several patents for various aspects of audiovisual data transmission.



As Product Planner SmartTV at TP Vision, Koen Vrielink is responsible for the roadmap of the SmartTV, Digital Television and Connectivity features of Philips-branded Televisions in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Setting the commercial requirements for product development.

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