Program 2013

The IPTV Seminar 2013 was a great success!

Program IPTV 2013

Day 1: 6 November 2013

Welcome and opening remarks;
Chair: Rob Koenen, Senior Business Consultant, TNO

Session: The case for STB-less IPTV

Keynote: The virtual Set-Top-Box: TV & Multi-screen application from the cloud; Download
Oliver Friedrich, Senior Expert New Media, Deutsche Telekom

The developments of SmartTV’s; Download
 Koen Vrielink, Sr. Manager Technology & Marketing, TP Vision

Can Smart TV apps replace the STB?
Martijn van Horssen
, Partner/CEO, 24i

Living the STB-less dream: Experiences from the world’s first commercial STB-less IPTV service; Download
Kalev Reiljan, Head of Technologies, Elion

Paneldiscussion: Requirements for Set top box-less

Session: Enablers for STB-less

Smart TV seeks Dumb Network for Marriage; Download
Keith Chow and Roland Thienpont, Alcatel Lucent

Evolution of the CAM to answer IPTV needs; Download
Erik Gazzoni, Product Strategy and Innovation, SmarDTV

The design and realisation of STB-less IPTV based on standards; Download
Menno Bangma, Senior Consultant Multimedia Technology, TNO

Session: Reducing dependence on the STB

Cloud UIs: The technology and economics to go beyond the set-top box; Download
Murali Nemani, CMO, Active Video

The sense and non-sense about the STB and what’s next; Download
Nick Fielibert, CTO, Video Technology, SP Europe Cisco

Managing IPTV in a multi-screen world; Download
Colin Phillips, IPTV Solutions Architect, BT

Panel Discussion: Open Session, questions from the audience

Wrap up
Rob Koenen, Senior Business Consultant, TNO

Exhibition and Drinks

Day 2: 7 November 2013

Welcome and opening remarks
Chair: Peter Siebert, Executive Director, DVB

Session: Ensuring a Great User Experience

Keynote: Dealing with multiple interactive environments; Download
Bram Tullemans, Project Manager, EBU

OTT TV services on CE devices: feedback from the field; Available on request
Erwan Nedellec, Senior Expert on TV services, Orange

Guaranteeing the Consumer Experience in a CPE-Less Environment; Download
Andy Hickman, CTO, Digital TV Labs

Sales Pitches
Partners will be able to pitch their products / services in a 2-minute sales pitch

Monitoring and quality assurance ‘beyond the STB’ – benefits, opportunities and challenges; Download
Anders Svensson, CTO, Agama Technologies

Session: Standardising the Ecosystem

Accelerating a Mass Market for Connected TV Apps and Services through Open Standards and the Open IPTV Forum Specifications; Download
Nilo Mitra, Engineering Director, Systems, Ericsson, on behalf of OIPF

Extending HbbTV to Support IPTV; Download
Jon Piesing, Director Standardisation, TP Vision/HBBTV

Surfing the wave of CA onto the DRM beach; Download
Tony Henderson, Microsoft

Session: Cloud-based technology

Delivering nDVR Services Directly to the TV; Download
Randy Hand, Director, Strategic Channel Sales Support, Sales, RGB networks

Efficiency of caching cloud nDVR in the service provider CDN; Download
James Kirby, Director Pre-Sales Engineering, Edgeware

Network optimization for multiscreen experience with the nanoCDN™ technology; Download
Jérémy Desmauts, Product Manager, Broadpeak

Panel Discussion: IPTV, 5 years from now

Wrap up
Menno Bangma, Senior Consultant Multimedia Technology, TNO

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