Visit the IPTV Seminar 2014!

The IPTV Seminar 2014 will take place on 10 & 11 November 2014 in the Netherlands.

The IPTV industry is in a turmoil. TV is the most important aspect in the battle for the triple play consumer. But not only do providers compete among each other, broadcasters and global players offer competing services Over The Top as well. Delivering innovative services in a cost effective way becomes key for the TV service in the future.

What do participants say about the IPTV Seminar?

"Valuable time to have better understanding of IPTV trends."

"Interesting subject matter, a great way of gauging interest in this fascinating domain."

"A very good sum up of IPTV STB-less solution."

"Excellent overview of all building blocks which can enable a STB-less ecosystem."

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